Francescatti v Germanotta

For those of you who've been with me for the duration of this lawsuit (5 years, 8 months): Francescatti v. Germanotta, et. al. was settled April 4, 2017.  Thanks everyone for your support.  

At this time, I've contributed all I can in the fight to protect songwriters from the U.S. music industry's corporate-run hegemony.  I hereby pass the torch to the next individual courageous enough to stand up to Goliath.  

Archaic copyright laws must be updated to reflect digital realities, or the very best versions of art, music, songwriting, writing, and photography – those crafted by unsung heroes slaving over pencil, guitar, typewriter, or camera – as we know them, will perish. 

The humanities and U.S. copyright law are a symbiotic pair. Where one goes, the other follows.  

Much love,

Rebecca F. 4/20/17  

  © Rebecca F. 2017