Switching all these tracks over to the Bandcamp page, which is free and has smooth delivery of full songs (unlike iTunes) without having to produce a video (like YouTube).  Brian Wilkie, the guitarist and pedal steel extraordinaire you'll hear below (and who you can catch every Friday at Empty Bottle's Hoyle Brothers Happy Hour from 5:30–7:30 in Chicago's Ukrainian Village).

Live music below featuring Rebecca F. & Brian Wilkie



Music starts at 4:20:


In 2015  we played a weekly Wednesday residency at Phyllis' Musical Inn, Wicker Park's oldest musical dive bar.   

LEUCONOË 7/1/15 LIVE: "Love even takes Sol prisoner, who rules all the stars with his light."  A cold Wednesday in July.  Peppered people, listening.  Brian finishes his moving-chairs-on-the-set of-the-"Chiraq" film job tomorrow.  During which his fingers are barbarized and for which he's paid $10/hour.  Shameful!     

PEGASUS 6/24/15 LIVE: Ceramics artist Sam Rosby and his lovely wife Susan; Windbreaker Nick; SAT's new haircut, shorn for summer; Brian Wilkie back at the "Chiraq" film set in the morning hauling chairs.  "Bring your guitar with you," Susan offers.  Clem has a spiritual awakening at ref camp and Kim brings in the ghosts. 

DAPHNE 6/17/15 LIVE: Quiet on Division Street two days after Blackhawks win.  Creeping out from under Clem's patriarchal gaze.  Investigative reporter Mike Volpe and jazz singer Olivia Flannagan pay a much appreciated visit.  Brian Wilkie, guitar and pedal steel gem of the Midwest, plays on despite hauling chairs up and down stairs on the "Chiraq" movie set for ten hours earlier.  What a fucking travesty, Chicago.

ERYSICHTHON 6/3/15 LIVE: "One...one abusive ex-boyfriend!  Ah ah ah ah ah." –The Count, Sesame Street.  Brian Wilkie brings it world class to Phyllis' Musical Inn dive bar.  Rebecca F. troubles it out on the keys.  This here's a late night summer-warm on Division Street.  Mekons Film maker Jim Sikora, beauty Nick (Nicholas Read the musician Windbreaker), Scott, Ryan, and a crashing glass by the lovelies near the DJ booth.  


CAENEUS 5/27/15 LIVE: Late, quick set to rowdy revelers after Blackhawks playoff win.  Filmmaker Jim Sikora drops in, along with beauty Nick, Josh-the-eyes and Tom Bouton.  Dirty Diana tends bar and Bill Hartwig sits in on drums.  Doing sound on the fly...on stage.  Always, Phyllis' teaches you what it means to be a musician today: no one cares, do it yourself, and don't ever complain.   

ATALANTA 5/20/15 LIVE: Happy Birthday and Auld Lang Syne.  Brian Wilkie's Jerry Garcia, Tom Bouton sings it up, go Tennessee.  Dedicated to "The Saddest Man I Ever Did See." 

MEDEA 5/6/15 LIVE: Bill Jordan pops in on his way to B.L.U.E.S.  Empire's Kenny Ken Walin, Phyllis' manager Clem Jaskot, Mitch Straeffer, in the house.  A beautiful warm night, door flung wide to Division Street.  Basketball on the back porch.  "On a sweet night like this, it's almost easy to forget the apocalypse is happening."  

JASON 4/29/15 LIVE: Sick Wilkie, so "Rockin' Billy" Bill Harden assumes the position.  Matt Stabley, post DC Baltimore riot coverage, jets to Chicago, trading punches With Grandma's helpers  Jillegal, Jen, Paul Grens, Haj, and Scott.

ECHO 3/25/15 LIVE: Rebecca F. in the beginnings of a chest cold. Brian Wilkie, as always, stunning. A cold start to spring 2015. Division Street a wasteland, empty sidewalks: everyone, everywhere, hiding. Western culture's computer-to-nose. Will Earth survive?

APOLLO 3/18/15 LIVE: After not playing w/ Brian at the Motor Row Gallery show Friday, I felt myself missing him probably more than is healthy.  Something divine about this man.  Enjoy...soul.


ARACHNE 2/25/15  LIVE: Former Bass Productions Chicago Trax recording engineer Jamie Lee drove up in a blizzard for the show – where I just so happened to be playing some songs from the Chicago Trax/R. Kelly days.  "Happy Birthday" tribute to Beatle George Harrison. 


PROMETHEUS 2/18/15  LIVE: First 19 minutes, last hour.  Crowd reacts to Blackhawks losing.  Stage banter about subzero Arctic blast.  

CHAOS 2/4/15 LIVE: Phyllis' Musical Inn's 61st Anniversary/Birthday 


2014 – In 2014 we started an album: CODEPENDENCE

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