This is what a 100% independent music video from Chicago looks like. Not a single record label, recording studio, manager, promoter, advertiser, or organization of any kind was involved. We received not a dime of funding. The dancers and choreographers rehearsed on free time. Wardrobe consisted of used clothes. A west side garbage dump and Ballet Chicago graciously let us film in their homes. What you're viewing is a group of talented creative individuals independently making beautiful work, for no other reason than that they are artists. Like most other Americans today, artists are progressively earning less and less. Unlike marketers and accountants and insurance execs and administrative assistants, however, when we don't get paid, we still work. It's a good thing, too. We play weddings and funerals. We answer the call to "write something," "play something," "make us feel," "inspire." And we do. Not because we're profiting, or shilling some crappy product, but because it's who we are. So here's our song. Consider it an ode to the good man, the good human, who does good not because he or she has an audience, not because it's hyped, but because it enhances the soul. Because it helps someone else. Because it spreads some kind of love. We hope we embody this spirit in our work. -- Rebecca F.



 by Rebecca F. 

 This goes out to my fellow bugs out there 

that no one pays attention to, but they're still there. 

Doing the hard work now, but no one cares. 

What you gonna do, yeah? 

Even if you're a bug, you're a good one. 

You're a good one. 

Just trying to live my life under the ground 

Used to be so clean in here without a sound 

But suddenly the poison's spewing down, down 

What you gonna do, yeah? 


Even if you're a bug you're a good one. 

You're a good one. 

Even if you're a bug, 'cause you have fun, 

 and you're no one. 


Do you want to be a bug now? 

Nobody knows who you are, and ain't that fine 

I want to be a bug now 

And ain't that fine.

Pollution, mind pollution. 

Mind pollution, Earth pollution 

So even if you're a bug you're a good one. 

You're a good one. 

Even if you're a bug, 'cause you have fun, 

and you're no one.


"Underground" © Rebecca F.

Written, recorded, and produced by Rebecca F. 

 Vocals, keyboards, bass by Rebecca F. 

 Mixed and mastered by Brian Paturalski 

 Video conceived of and directed by Niles Maxwell of Balanced Productions 

Cinematographer: Matthew Hughes 

Choreographer: Carlton Bradley/Shorty Joey 

Dancers: Melissa Hughes, Mary Jo Ola, Jules Roth, Erin Clyne, Julie Kostynick, Jennifer Jasensky, Christina Ola 

Dancing/drumming man: Colin McGeehan 

Wardrobe: Sarah Vidosh 

Make-up supervisor: Diana Abrams 

Hairdresser: Tennia Williams 

Bike builders: four cool ass dudes who wish to remain anonymous 

Editor: Maxi 

 Assistant Director: JC Farris 

 Script supervisor: L'Tisha "Tiny" Vaughn 

 Make-up assistants: Heather Busulovich, Michelle Oguendo, Alexis Miller 

Photographers: Venu Vinod Dam, Adeline Sides 

Wardrobe assistant: Jan Kaschner 

Transportation coordinator: Bernadette Mercurio 

**Video independently created by volunteers with zero funding in Chicago 2009; finalized and published without funding in 2014. Thanks to everyone who made this happen!

  © Rebecca F. 2017