THE KITCHEN is a 6-song EP written and © by Chicago musician and songwriter Rebecca F.

THE KITCHEN © Rebecca F. 2014 All songs written by Rebecca F. | 1.  The Kitchen, 2. Pull the Trigger, 3. Two-Timed for the Bottle, 4. Don't Get Bitter, 5. Will You Walk Me Home Tonight, 6. Bitch to Go Recorded at Strobe Recording Studio Produced by Jamie Wagner Executive Producer: Colin McGeehan Vox: Rebecca F. | BGVs: Jamie Wagner and Rebecca F. | Rhythm guitar: Rebecca F. | Bass: Jamie Wagner | Pedal steel: Brian Wilkie | Lead guitar: Brian Wilkie | Drums: Joe Adamik    


IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU is a 4-song EP written and copywritten by Chicago songwriter Rebecca F.

It's All ABout You Cover.1.
It's All About You Back

IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU © Rebecca F. 2004 All songs written by Rebecca F1.  Under the Big White Star, 2. Juda, 3. The Girl, 4. Derek Recorded at Alien Syndicate Studio Produced by Rebecca F. Recording Engineer: Brian Joseph Gaynor | Mixed: Brian Joseph Gaynor Rhythm guitar, vocals, percussion, keyboard: Rebecca F. | Bass: Brian Joseph Gaynor | Strings: Colin McGeehan | String Arrangement: Colin McGeehan | Drums: Bert Kenerson 

  © Rebecca F. 2017